Saturday, 12 September 2009

Saturdays Statistics – Interesting Spanking and BDSM Stats!

Being the nosey parker I am, I dug up some interesting statistics on surveys done with the vanilla population regarding BDSM and spanking! I thought you might find it interesting...and it sort of acts as a prelude to the first of my Tuesdays Tutorials. Nevertheless these statistics speak for themselves...and are rather enlightening!

To start, I found out that in the fifties, a guy called Robert Kingsley did a research project that resulted in finding out that 11% of people are interested in some form of BDSM (what a surprise!!!). This is an amazing statistic, because at the time BDSM was considered a psychological perversion and people who entertained themselves in such a fashion required psychological intervention. I wonder if they treated these patients by placing them in isolation (a form of corner-time?) and placed them in straightjackets (no that’s not bondage AT ALL!!!)

This may seem like a suprising statistic of the times, but then I found 1950s advertising answer to wives who don’t get their husbands fresh coffee (after all spanking does put one of the D’s in BDSM – Discipline and Domination):

More recently, a non representative survey in the sexual behaviour of American students (our future is in their hands and all) was conducted and in 1997 the following results were released:

· 11% of heterosexual male and 9% of female heterosexual students admitted to BDSM related fantasies

· 12% of all students questioned showed an interest in spanking (surely that would have nothing to do with fraternity paddles and the consequences dished out in frat houses?)

Neither should we blame what goes on at college parties:

· 30% of men and 24% of the women had tried out or experienced a form of BDSM

So basically, our colleges, universities and higher education institution are growing up a bunch of kinky adults!

In 1999 a representative study was conducted in Germany (amongst adults not students)...with some interesting results:

· 66% of the interviewed women stated a desire to be at the mercy of their sexual partners from time to time

· 69% of the interviewed women admitted to fantasies dealing with sexual submissiveness

· 42% of the interviewed women stated interest in explicit BDSM techniques

· 25% of the interviewed women stated interest in bondage

Lastly, but definitely not least, in two separate research surveys (one in 2004 and one in 2005),

· 19% of people mentioned spanking as one of their practices (something I always suspected even if they are closet spanko’s!!!)

· 22% confirmed the use of blindfolds and/or handcuffs and other bondage utilities

· 5% explicitly connected themselves with sadomasochism.

So what’s the conclusion? Simple. It seems our world, is full of kinksters like us, who have taken part in some form of BDSM over the years, and of proves that a double hot fudge brownie sundae with all the trimmings is so much more appealing to most than just plain vanilla.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Flash Fiction Friday

He leaned against his truck looking up. Every hour, the blonde had stood at the window wearing only a slim black collar and a pair of stiletto heels, and hung an implement in the window.
He sent a text to his wife.
Obeying him, she made eye contact with her Master and attached the lead. Hanging the cane, she turned around, legs apart and bent grasping her ankles. She would remain like this until he came home.
Mike watched the woman he loved. This was her punishment and submission to His control. Tonight there would be tears, forgiveness and pleasure.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thursdays Thoughts - Why that image and whats it got to do with spanking and BDSM?

Its the image you see on my header, its the image you see on my sidebar...and its an image you are seeing yet again. Why that image? Because it speaks to me and of me. My kink, my life, myself, my submission.

To me this picture says:

I'm a woman who finds it important to look after herself...I love make-up, looking sexy and pretty things (these include an absolute fetish for sexy lingerie and gorgeous sexy outfits!) It says I like to pamper myself (bring on those long baths with heaps and heaps of bubbles and bath salts...with a glass of wine and soothing music! A house with only a shower? Perish the thought!)

The tears speak of my deep emotion. I am a woman with deep deep emotions, I feel deeply, I love deeply and I am passionate about my family, friends and of course, my kink. I cry during sad films, during emotional scenes in a book, and I cry when I am otk and feel stressed with someone I trust, and can just let go (not many of those)!

The single, solitary tear also speaks of my solitude. The fact that despite my very many friends and family and being very loved, I'm still waiting for the one who can take me 'in hand'. Whom I can trust to hand control over to. One whom I can love with my entire being, and he can love me back with the same passion (and of course have kinky BDSM and spanking fun too!). More and more I'm longing for this person, and more and more I'm determined to wait for the right one. One I can trust enough to hand control over and know its not going to be abused.

The colours remind me that I am a girl who likes fine things - but I can be muted and subdued. I can be ready to sparkle and party it up, and I can enjoy a glass of wine and blogging. I am different, I am, just me. They are also deep colours, for a deep person.

Thats what my picture says about me...what does your blog picture say about you? And should you read anything else into my picture (or there is a reason you like it, or don't like it for that matter) let me know in my comments please!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Get to know me me-me!

A meme to get to know me!

Well I thought I'd do a meme - and hopefully introduce myself to you! But firstly...I am a new blogger who has lurked...and loved...and learned in the spanking and BDSM blogosphere for quite some time now. I thought it was about time to start my own blog!

So here goes:

So, what are you?

I am a homo-sapien...human....woman....sister....mama (to 'adopted' children)....twenty-something year old daughter....lover....spankee....submissive....bottom....happy go-lucky mate....philosopher...amateur blog writer....(and so we could go on!)

What are you favorite three implements?

I love hard hand spankings, I love the cane (Count and thank me after each one young lady!) and I love the sensualness of floggers and luckily have friends who know EXACTLY how to use them!

Alfresco/Safely Inside?

Hard one. It depends on my mood. I have had so much fun outside....but I really do love love love a good spanking in comfort inside. Alfresco really does have an edge to it that inside just can't hold onto though!

Whats your favorite sound?

I have three...the sound of a hand landing on my arse....the sound of a cane swishing through the air just before it lands...and the sound of the flogger thwacking on my back....bottom....legs....

Any place in the world you could be right now...where would it be?

OTK on a certain someones knee all the way getting a good, very hard spanking!

Are you collared?

Well I have a shirt that has a collar? No...I'm not collared. I belong to me. And Im not in a D/s relationship.

Who inspires you in your kink?

Oh I have so many many many friends who have inpired me and taught me...and some bloggers...! I would not know where to start! But I suppose those who are capable of being adult, themselves and still enjoy their kink honestly always impress me!

What means the most to you? can't buy it and the world is nothing without it.

What quality do you absolutely need in your friends?

Honesty and Trust...hand in hand

Public/Private play?

Both...but the choice of public party play...or private one on one....with the right person I chose private one on one any time.

Would you say you are shy or a social butterfly?

Both actually. But most would say Im a social butterfly...only my friends know Im shy!

One thing most people are shocked to learn about you...they would never suspect!

That Im shy? Only joking, for my vanilla friends...that Im even into spanking and shock! horror! BDSM too!

What fascinates you most about spanking and BDSM?

That I can hand over control for a period of time and just be me. That pain, sometimes intense pain can bring such pleasure. That its an addiction.

Role play/Real Life or Stress Relief spankings?

Im not great at Roleplay...maybe for a laugh! But otherwise I am not great at it! Real life...yes. Does not have to be a punishment...I just prefer to be spanked as me. Not anyone else. And stress relief? Hell yes. Nothing better than a good long hard spanking to shed my stress!

Hard Spanking or sensual?

Both...and depends on my mood. I can enter into subspace with both...and both meet my needs. However for both I need to be in the right mood.

Ever done corner time? And does it work for you?

Yes and it was very amusing! Did not do much for me...

Safe word or no safe word?

With time there are people you don't need one with...but still I always have one...though have never actually had to call RED!!!!!!!!!!

What are you going to do now?

Wear out some batteries and then go to sleep....